Monday, October 26, 2015

How I'm Coping

I have an appointment with the psychologist on the 4th Nov, so I know she will give me coping strategies. For the last six months or so I have been colouring, I have found that it really helps me take my mind off things and I can zone out completely especially when I listen to my music as well.I have quite a few colouring books, they are all adult one and I thoroughly enjoy doing it.

Here are some pages I have done

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Anonymous said...

They are beautiful Michelle. I took my abuser to court recently, she sadly for me was a high profile person she was found guilty and I was not at court when VIS read out. 31 years I had to wait for justice and it didn't get read by me.

She appealed. I didn't testify well, I wasn't given a blocking screen I chose not to remote testify. I failed, I was terrified and couldn't focus and she got off, not guilty. New judge, just a joke of a legal system we have.

So yes, I am left not caring about anything my entire life has changed for the worse, I'm so angry at the outcome I can't imagine now in hindsight why anyone bothers to report, police, OPP were great. But I was victimised again in court then by the public. As if you would go through this crap if it were not true!!!

I admire your coping skills I hope I can gain some insight as I am lost, sad defeated. My family have lost their happy joyful mother.