Friday, May 13, 2016

Not What I Thought

A few weeks ago I sent off a form to the Department of Justice to be put on the victims register. Yesterday I got a phone call from a lady to say that they had received it and had processed it, she told me she is sending out some info for me as well. I asked her if the info she is sending me will have where he is, as B and I have been wanting to know this since he was sentenced. She looked it up for me and told me that on the 5th May he was moved from Parklea to a prison on the south coast of NSW, Australia (don't want to say exact location incase I'm not allowed to share) and he is in maximum security.

I'm glad he is in maximum security, though was shocked to hear where he is as I thought he would of gone somewhere else.

This month and next month are hard as May and June is when the assaults happened 27 years ago. Since it all been has been brought up again 2 years ago I've been finding that I have more flashbacks and find it hard to go to sleep. I'm hoping that it will all eventually settle down and it won't be so hard on me.

I'm not seeing my psychologist at the moment, I'm seeing how I go and if I need to see one I will look at seeing a new one as I wasn't real happy with the one I was seeing.

I am starting to scrapbook and plan in my planner more lately which helps me take  my mind off things and I also enjoy it so it's my therapy.

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